Bali Large Woven Handbag Chestnut

The large version of our favorite handbag fits everything you need. This perfect round hand woven purse is lined with a batik fabric and features a leather strap and snap button closure. 


Need to Know:

• Fair Trade and handmade on the magical island of Bali by a special woven process that has been handed down from generations

• Authentic batik print fabric on the inside / Each one is different

• Made from Ata Grass which is durable, moisture resistant and native to Bali 

• Secure button closure and side fabric that keeps your valuables inside

• This is a natural and handmade product so color and sizing may vary slightly

• Color is obtained from smoking over coconut husk fire so there may be a smoky scent

• 10" Diameter and 4" Thick with 23" Long Strap



How to Care For:

Simply wipe your bag with a damp rag and allow to air dry. Store in cotton to keep dust from gathering. Spot treat any stains or spills on the inner fabric and air dry.

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