New Ambassador Program Launching August 1st!

Check back in for the link and how to apply!

Angela Kukhahn


Angela is a power packed yoga teacher. She is a burst of energy in a tiny package with impressive flexibility, strength and a welcoming spirit that captivates you! She is un-pretentious, genuine and heart felt and you can't help but to love her! 
Connect with her:
Instagram: @angelakukhahn
Facebook: Angela Kukhahn
Studios: Yoga Works South BayBlack Dog Yoga & Yogis Anonymous
Favorite Product: Bali Bra


 Zoe Mantarakis

Zoe has been voted best yoga teacher in Austin and is sought after at yoga festivals and events. She recently opened her own yoga studio, Yoga Illumined, where she teaches uplifting classes and leads teacher trainings. She promotes togetherness and explorations of how to find a sense of journey and belonging to tribe in daily life. There is a quality about Zoe that draws you in and makes you feel like you are exactly where you need to be. She is a mother, leader and all around dynamic person. 
Connect with her:
Instagram: @welovezoe
Facebook: Zoe Mantarakis
Studios: Yoga Illumined, Pure Austin & Yoga Vida
Favorite Product: Baja Leggings

Kayla Nielsen

Kayla has lived a healthy and active lifestyle since she was young. Her mother is a yoga teacher and inspired her to deepen her personal understanding and knowledge of the yoga practice and share that light. Her greatest passion in teaching comes from Karma Yoga. She truly believes that together we have the power to illuminate the world. Her mission is to cultivate that light through communal authentic acts of selfless service. 
Connect with her:
Instagram: @kaylanielsen
Facebook: Kayla Nielsen
Mantra: We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness
Favorite Product: Vista Bra




Acro Buddhas

Miranda and Ryan radiate love and positivity! Together they fuse the ancient practice of yoga and acrobatics, creating a beautiful synergy that is both captivating and empowering. As a performance duo, they are enchanting and spellbinding, sharing an energy that is inviting and intoxicating.
Connect with them:
Instagram: @acrobuddhas
Facebook: Acro Buddhas
Favorite Product: Legend Leggings & Pants