Give Back

It's not always pretty. It's not always a happy ending. But is is always real and it always matters. This is why the foundation of SoloSol Movement is built on giving back.



Bali Dog Adoption & Rehabilitation Center (BARC)
SoloSol Movement is manufactured mostly in the beautiful island of Bali. We have had the privilege of traveling to the island on multiple occasions. Like many places around the world, we witnessed stray dogs on the streets suffering from illness, neglect and starvation. 
$1 from the sale of every item, goes to BARC to save, educate and rehabilitate. 



We discovered this amazing organization on our first trip to Bali. We have had the chance to visit their locations, spend time with some of the dogs and witness the positive effect they are having. One of the things that impressed us the most is the sense of community they have built in support of the cause. They have a network of volunteers around the island that help rescue dogs when reports of abuse or neglect come in. They also host adoption events and conduct sterilizations. They are working with local schools to educate students so change can happen moving forward. They have already rescued & rehabilitated over 4,000 dogs. 


To find out more about BARC and the amazing work they do, please visit: