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We love trends like bike shorts and heeled flip flops (hmmm)! But we especially love trends that cross seasons and age spans! Shall we call it, intergenerational all season style. (think high waisted and crochet) Check out a few of our favorite trends below with recommendations.



1. Fila Disrupter Sneakers 

These dad sneakers are chunky, white clouds of comfort. The sneaker brings back that early 90's vibe. 

 Fila Disruptor Sneaker

2. Reebok High Top Sneakers  

We are loving Lime Green and these High Top Reebok do not disappoint. These are not required to be worn with a colorful leotard and tights. They look great with jeans for a comfortable pop of style. 

Reebok High Top Lime 

 3. Hush Puppies Power Walkers 

Never thought Hush Puppies would be leading the trend but here they are.. Shrimp colored Power Walkers with velcro closure. It does not get more cross generational than this! 

 Hush Puppies Power Walker Shrimp


1. Ayana Half Moon Bamboo Bag

 Classic style with an edge! This bamboo bag ups the ante of any outfit by making a sophisticated statement. 

Ayana Half Moon Bamboo

 2. Ulu Round Bamboo Purse 

For those that love the bamboo trend but also like a more unique twist. The Ulu bag has a long strap that can be worn on one shoulder or cross body. 

Ulu Bamboo Purse

Handmade Natural Bags

1. Nusa Handwoven Circular Bag

Handwoven in Bali with a special type of plant that is made to be long lasting and durable. The Nusa handbag is hypnotic. 

Nusa Circular Handwoven Bag

2. Bali Handwoven Circular Bag

The bag that both you and your grandmother/granddaughter can carry. Literally. We know a duo that has them. Available in 4 sizes to accommodate your essentials. 

Bali Woven Handbag Circular


3. Sally Seashell Clutch

Handwoven with seashells and fringe, the Sally Seashell Clutch is a winner with show stopping style. 

Sally Seashell Handwoven Clutch


1. Lack of Color Rancher  

Our personal favorite is the Lack of Color Rancher. We love this Zulu creamy gray color on all skin tones. The classic styling looks great on everyone. 

Lack of Color Rancher Hat

2. Lack of Color Riviera Hat

Channel Susie Myerson from Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in this stylish hat. Bonus: it also reminds us of one of our favorite characters from childhood movies, Fivel from An American Tail

Lack of Color Riviera Hat


3. Budget Friendly Straw Hat with UPF

Everybody needs an easy on the pocketbook straw hat with UPF! This one wins for price and style. 

 UPF Straw Hat


Crochet crosses all categories and all ages.

1. Along Came Moly Bag

Beaded and Crochet, this boho inspired Along Came Molly bag keeps you from being boring. A shade of sunflower yellow is a great transition from summer to fall and back again. 

Along Came Molly Crochet Bag

2. Dundee Cotton Macrame Wall Hanging

Crochet is back with a vengenace. This wall hanging is hand made with a variety of textures and looks great hanging in your home all year long. 

Dundee Macrame Wall Hanging

3. Beach Coverup

Budget friendly crochet. This beach coverup is great in the summer and can also be paired with leggings for cooler seasons.  

Crochet Beach Coverup

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