Inspirational Women: Monette Moio

Posted on January 06, 2017 by Trina Solomon | 1 Comment

There are so many amazing women out there that inspire us. Monette Moio is one of them. We adore her so much, we named our new bikini top after her. The Moyo Top! She spells her last name, Moio but the pronunciation is the same. We spelled it Moyo because we manufacture in Bali and Moyo is a Indonesian/Bahasa word.



A little about her: She was born and raised in Los Angeles. Being an LA native, she always finds time to go to the beach which is her favorite place to free her mind + let go. She's a firm believer that life is all about balance. She balances acting, improv, singing, baking and staying active. You can find her performing in shows at Second City, doing yoga with her favorite instructors at Equinox and on her YouTube channel 'Sweet Eats'


Why We Love her:

 Not only is she multitalented, with a gorgeous voice and a captivating personality, she is also drop dead gorgeous and super sweet! It's impossible not to love her!

 Find her, follow her, connect with her:

Instagram Sweet Eats
Second City
All photos wearing the Moyo Top and Aloha Bottom in Mamba & Paradise Print

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